Freeway—Frequently Asked Questions


What is Freeway?

  • Freeway by Syntonic is a new way to experience mobile content. 
  • Tired of paying for data? Move beyond your data plan! Experience some of the world’s greatest content without affecting the costs of your AT&T data plan!
  • Freeway gives you unlimited access from within the Freeway application to a growing catalog of premium content without any charges to your data plan! 
  • As an eligible AT&T post-paid customer you can visit the mobile content within Freeway with no charges to your AT&T data plan. Just look for the “Sponsored Data” logo, and enjoy content without affecting your data plan!
  • Freeway is brought to you through AT&T.
  • Not an AT&T customer? Stay tuned: other mobile carriers to follow.


How do I get Freeway?

  • Freeway by Syntonic is now available on the App Store and Google Play.



How does Freeway work?

  • When you open Freeway you’ll get a brief tutorial about how to use the application. You’ll then see a selection of various content categories. Open one up, and select the content you’re interested in. If you see the “sponsored data” logo at the top of your Freeway screen the content won’t be charged to your data plan. It’s that easy.


How do I know that I’m not paying for data?

  • You will see the "sponsored data" logo at the top of the Freeway application. That’s your assurance that the data you’re looking at won’t affect your AT&T data plan.



Why is this only available to AT&T customers?

  • We are working with other carriers to support sponsored data so that Freeway will be available in additional mobile networks. Stay tuned for upcoming news... 


Does this work with both pre-pay and post-pay AT&T data contracts?

  • The Freeway application only works with post-pay AT&T data contracts.


What’s the difference between an AT&T pre-pay and the AT&T post-pay data plan?

  • In a post-pay world you are sent a bill that reflects the data that you used. If you pre-pay for data, you purchase the data up-front that you intend to use.


I have an AT&T post-pay data plan: why don't I see the sponsored data logo when I visit the content within the Freeway application?

  • If you are on Wi-Fi then the content is not sponsored. When you turn off Wi-Fi or leave the Wi-Fi network you'll see the sponsored data logo at the top of the Freeway application.


Will there be additional content?

  • Absolutely. We’re working with content providers to add additional content to Freeway.


What happens if I think I’m charged?

  • You can check your AT&T bill. Any data consumed through Freeway is listed on your AT&T bill as “Sponsored by Syntonic” and will include a zero charge.


Is this only available in the United States?

  • Yes, however, we're working with carriers in countries outside the United States to enable support for Freeway.


Why does Freeway not work with native content applications?

  • Stay tuned! While we don't have anything to announce at this time, Syntonic is working with application developers to add sponsored data support for native applications.


Who is Syntonic?

Syntonic is a mobile platform services provider based in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to provide an alternative to traditional data plans by bundling mobile content with mobile connectivity. Syntonic is enabling new ways for consumers to experience content. Our Connected Services Platform supports a wide variety of new applications and business models for mobile operators, content providers, application developers, advertisers, device manufacturers, systems providers, and others. For more information, please visit



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